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ONE NetTraffic


Enable immediate control and complete visibility of your network monitoring


Every day, your network connection keeps your business communications and applications running smoothly and efficiently, working as the lifeline of your business operations. At DYXnet, we understand the importance of your ONE VPN connection, especially in terms of network performance, resources utilization, availability, reliability, and even future forecasts of network demand and scalability.


ONE NetTraffic provides sophisticated real-time monitoring and analysis that puts your network resources, activities and services on a single integrated platform, helping you effectively align your business objectives with network resources to deliver maximum business value. ONE NetTraffic captures data from continuous streams of network traffic and converts that raw data into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how your network is performing, how traffic is impacting the network’s overall healthiness, and how you can enhance capacity planning.

  • Benefits

      Circuit monitoring
      ONE NetTraffic constantly monitors every ONE VPN circuit and instantaneously records any incidents, outages or downtime. You can access this real-time status report via our dedicated customer portal for day-to-day monitoring. For network planning, you can also make more accurate forecasts by referencing a comprehensive monthly report.

      Network bandwidth monitoring
      ONE NetTraffic collects, correlates, and analyzes both in and out traffic, and monitors bandwidth usage patterns and occurrence periods across each ONE VPN link. All your ONE VPN links across your WAN are also under our surveillance. Through the ONE NetTraffic portal, you can gain indispensable insights on traffic patterns with average and peak usage parameters. ONE NetTraffic provides comprehensive network performance reporting such as latency, packet loss and jitter, presented separately for each class of service (Bronze, Silver and Gold).


      Network traffic analysis
      ONE NetTraffic also provides network traffic analysis, which provides data for capacity planning and policy making by drilling down into specific IP addresses, host names, applications, users, ports, sources and more. You can easily get a comprehensive analysis of your network traffic, find the bottlenecks, shut down the bandwidth hogs or adjust policy for your mission-critical traffic, and even determine the exact source of spikes and bursts to proactively control network performance and make informed decisions.
      Application performance optimization

      To optimize your price/performance ratio, ONE NetTraffic examines exactly what applications utilize the bandwidth, their peak usage hours and the sources using them. This helps to control bandwidth usage, enhances resource allocation and enforces better policies across the enterprise based on your communication needs, which ultimately maximizes your ROI and secures your service performance.

  • Reports

      ONE NetTraffic reports

      ONE NetTraffic provides a rich set of reports that provide in-depth bandwidth usage statistics from the perspectives of hosts, applications or conversations that caused a bottleneck. In addition to providing an instant view of all ONE VPN activities in your WAN, ONE NetTraffic also lets you monitor them over varying periods of time, such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can likewise create customized reports based on particular criteria such as source/destination, applications, periods, ports, in and out traffic, etc., thus fortifying your critical decision-making and helping to enforce security policies.

  • Why ONE NetTraffic

      Reasons to choose ONE NetTraffic

      • Bandwidth monitoring
      • In-depth, real-time traffic analysis and reports
      • Improved efficiency of bandwidth utilization for applications
      • Trend analysis for network planning and capacity forecasts
      • Tailor-made reports to meet specific requirements
      • No extra hardware or software investment needed
      • User-friendly web-based portal with flexible access authentication

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