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Cloud Dedicated Hosting


A Reliable and Expandable Platform to Help you Scale Up and Grow with Ease

DYXnet Cloud Dedicated Hosting (CDH) is part of our Cloud Service offering in the form of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). It offers substantial economic advantages to improve the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure, driving the growth of your IT and your business with unsurpassed reliability and flexibility. Only by boosting your competitiveness in today's fast-paced, ever-changing global economy can you ensure your important business applications such as ERP, CRM, Intranet, Email and Web run smoothly while also seamlessly enhancing your operational and workforce efficiency.

Utilizing world-leading VMware virtualization technology and a cutting-edge Dell computing environment, DYXnet CDH features a sophisticated architecture that delivers best-in-class IaaS with premier levels of service performance, reliability and quality. As a VMware Public Cloud Service Provider, DYXnet CDH solutions are also designed, built and maintained by a team of infrastructure virtualization experts and professional system engineers.

By outsourcing server hosting and network bandwidth management to us, you can greatly improve time-to-market as well as enhance service levels to your customers or internal users, and all with minimal administration and operational costs. You can also focus on the core task of growing your business, including but not limited to developing your SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business with our full support.

  • CDH Topology

      DYXnet CDH Topology - Resilient, Reliable and Resourceful


      DYXnet CDH is operated based on an unparalleled, fully redundant network and advanced cloud computing architecture. Featuring multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections to global Internet and local connections via our state-of-the-art MPLS backbone, our CDH platform is designed to have high resilience in every aspect, from hardware to software, from WAN, to LAN and SAN, without a single point of failure.


      To provide high-quality performance and reliability, your CDH facilities are also equipped with a pool of world-class hardware and software, providing a dedicated virtual machine for configuring your own unique operating system. Your important applications are likewise completely isolated from other virtual machines, giving you greater security, stability and virtualization efficiency.

  • Features
      • Design for enterprise-grade reliability
      • Fully redundant design
      • Dell Blade Servers in Dell Blade Enclosures with full power supplies
      • Dell Rack Servers with multiple power supplies
      • Dual power source from IDC UPS cluster
      • Multiple network connections to SAN, WAN and management segment per server
      • Multiple Dell network storage appliances with RAID plus hot spare protections, multiple disk controllers and network connections
      • On-site and off-site network storage deployment
      • Multiple Internet upstream paths for both local and international access
      • VMware virtualization technology
      • DYXnet industry standard IDC environment and self-operated MPLS network backbone
      • Highly customizable for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Colocation
      • Total solutions from peripheral protection, WAN optimization to complex vLAN design
      • High customizable for your enterprise IT needs

      • High security
      • Your cloud server is resided in a highly-isolated virtualized environment within our server farm powered by world-class technology by VMware.
      • Each customer's cloud server(s) will be attached to a separate vLAN which provides even better isolation in network point of view.
      • OS-level and data-level encryptions are supported thanks to true hardware virtualization architecture. You could freely make your own decision on security strategy.


      • High flexibility of your cloud server configurations:
      • vCPU from 0.8GHz to 6 x 2.8GHz
      • vRAM from 0.5GB to 32GB
      • vStorage from 30GB to multiple 1TB


      • Great flexibility of your software selection:
      • Console access and root administration right at OS level
      • Support for over 500 versions/editions of OS from Asianux, Canonical, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat, SCO, Serenity Systems and Sun Microsystems Inc.
      • Capability to run almost any applications designed for x86 and x86-64 CPU


      • High performance
      • Your cloud server is running on a server resource pool instead of a single server. Performance is hence delivered and retained much better than VPS-based service.
      • Seamless switchover between physical servers maximizes the performance of each cloud server according to purchased capacity. This also prevents performance impact caused by another security compromised system which attempts to draw system resource in uncontrollable situation.


      • Built-in High Availability (HA) support
      • When physical hardware encounters issues, your cloud server will start up and reboot on another physical server automatically. Service restoration time is drastically reduced from half day to a few minutes.


      • System snapshot
      • Your cloud server's memory image will be saved in network storage on a regular basis. Fallback system status is thus available at your request.


      • Self-managed control interface
      • Through a web portal, you can manage the server at your convenience. You can power down, reset or power up the cloud server by a few clicks as if you are standing in front of a physical server pushing physical buttons. You can shut down or restart the OS without going into OS interface for fast action. You can restore any saved snapshot to revert the system status to the chosen previous point of time, even back to the original snapshot taken at the time we first hand over the cloud server to you. More time-saving means higher productivity.


      • A wide variety of network access options
      • Your cloud server can be chosen to be accessed from:
      • Public Internet
      • Existing MPLS network provided by DYXnet
      • Closed network with a private circuit connecting back to your office


      • Optional Fault Tolerance (FT) support
      • At any time, two identical instances of your cloud server are running on two different physical servers, enabling seamless switchover whenever one of the physical servers encounters issues.


      • Optional vFirewall service
      • Firewall and UTM protection for your cloud server
      • Customizable policy rules to best fit different customers' needs


      • Optional coming value added services, including Cloud Data Safe (system and data backup solution), server load balancing and WAN acceleration
  • Benefits

      Maximize Your Returns on IT
      With DYXnet CDH, you can maximize your IT investment by applying professional, yet affordable, IT infrastructure services. Not only is no upfront investment required to establish these data centre facilities and equipment, but the constant operating costs of equipping, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software are also eliminated. This empowers you to minimize your IT headcount and shift your existing manpower to tasks with higher returns.


      Simple and Reliable
      We can launch your virtual server in just 3 days, putting abundant resources at your fingertips for an effortless system upgrade. Our CDH platform features exceptionally high availability and redundancy. In the rare event that the physical server on which your cloud server is hosted fails, our high availability technology will instantly enable an automatic restart at another healthy physical server. For premium services, we also provide a fault tolerance option that ensures your virtual servers seamlessly auto switch-over to another physical server, so no system downtime is ever experienced.


      Secure and High Quality

      Our CDH platform is built and operated on our highly secure DYXnet nationwide POPs and connected to our robust MPLS private network. This ensures that your server and application data are not accessible physically or online by unauthorized persons.


      World-class Technology and Team

      The DYXnet CDH platform runs on next-generation technologies from such leading vendors as Dell, VMware and so on. Through significant capital and manpower investment, we’ve created an all-encompassing, robust hosting infrastructure that features high-availability from every perspective including network, computing, and storage. We are currently hosting over 8,600 servers and our technical team has been successfully supporting thousands of enterprises for over 14 years.


      V. 1.22

      (Effective Date: 1 Feb 2016)


      This is the Service Level Agreement for DYXnet Cloud Dedicated Hosting Service (“The Service”) which applies to cloud infrastructure colocation and management services leveraging virtualization technologies provided by DYXnet, in addition to the terms of any Master Services Agreement executed by the Customer and DYXnet.

      1.     Service Availability

      Service availability commitment is applicable to all CDH services.


      1.1.     Commitment


      DYXnet commits Service Availability of CDH with vStorage and CDH with vStorage+ per calendar month in accordance with the table below.



      CDH with vStorage


      CDH with vStorage+



      Regarding CDH Server Uptime guarantee, for purposes of this SLA, only failures due to hardware and hypervisor layers delivering individual servers are covered. The individual server will be deemed 'available' if the virtualization hardware and hypervisor layers delivering individual servers are available and responding to DYXnet monitoring tools as designed and in a non-degraded manner as evidenced in the DYXnet monitoring tool. The uptime guarantee does not include the dedicated Customer systems or Operating System layer.


      1.2.     Measurement

      Availability is measured on a monthly basis by the total available time calculated in percentage over a calendar month. Individual access unreachable for more than or equal to 1 minute continuously will be recorded and counted to the accumulated down time.


      Availability = [(Total time – Total downtime) / Total time] × 100%


      Total time: Total time in a calendar month

      Total downtime:  Total time with Service Unavailable during a calendar month


      1.3.     Service Availability Credit

      If DYXnet fails to fulfill its commitment under clause 1.1 in particular, the actual outage of the Service exceeds the parameters listed in the table above, the Customer is entitled to the following service credit.


      Service Availability in each calendar month measured as a Percentage

      Service credit of monthly service fee

      >= 99.99%


      >= 98.99% and < 99.99%


      >= 97.99% and < 98.99%


      >= 95.99% and < 97.99%


      >= 94.99% and < 95.99%


      >= 90.00% and < 94.99 %


      < 90.00 %



      2.     Service provisioning

      The service provision schedule is subjected to a feasibility study being conducted by our Project Management team.


      3.     Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

      The average time required to resolve problem over a calendar month. The target MTTR is 4 hours after the cause of outage is determined.

      4.     Customer Service Centre (CSC) Mean Time To Respond

      The average time to respond customer after support request made over a calendar month. Target response time:

      First response call – 30 minutes

      Second follow up call – 30 minutes after first response call

      5.     General terms and exclusions applying to SLAs

      • SLA credits are calculated after deduction of all discounts and other special pricing arrangements, and are not applied to governmental fees, taxes, surcharges and similar additional charges.
      • If an incident affects the performance of the Service and results in a period of Service Unavailability, entitling Customer to one or more credits under different SLA parameters, only the single highest credit applying in respect of that incident will be applied.
      • In no event will SLA credits in any calendar month exceed 100% of the total recurrent charge payable by Customer for the applicable Service in that month.
      • SLA credits are applied only upon Customer’s written request, which must be submitted within 15 business days of the end of the month in which entitlement to an SLA credit arose.
      • All approved SLA credits claimed by Customer for a given month will be totaled and applied to Customer’s next following invoice for the Service, or as promptly thereafter as is practical in the event of a dispute.
      • Individual signed SLA would override the standard SLA.
      • SLAs apply to newly installed services and to Service reconfigurations requested by Customer commencing on the next calendar day following (i) the Service Commencement Date or (ii) completion of the Service reconfiguration, as applicable.
      • SLA credits provided for in these terms and conditions are Customer’s exclusive remedy with respect to items covered in these terms and conditions.
      • No SLA credit shall apply to the failure of the Service to comply with an SLA, or to any period of Service Unavailability, caused, in whole or part, by any of the following:
        • a failure in operating system or software installed on Customer’s virtual machine;
        • a failure in local access facilities connecting the Customer to DYXnet’s network which are not provided by DYXnet, unless otherwise specified;
        • any act or omission of Customer or any third party (including but not limited to, Customer’s agents, contractors or vendors), including, but not limited to (i) failing to take any remedial action in relation to a Service as recommended by DYXnet, or otherwise preventing DYXnet from doing so, or (II) any act or omission which causes DYXnet to be unable to meet any of the SLAs;
        • customer’s negligence or willful misconduct, which may include Customer’s failure to follow agreed-upon procedures;
        • any scheduled maintenance periods when Customer has been informed of such maintenance, and emergency maintenance;
        • disconnection or suspension of the Service by DYXnet pursuant to a right to do so under the Master Agreement or these terms and conditions; or
        • acts of God, civil disorder, natural cataclysm or other occurrences beyond the reasonable control of DYXnet.


      6.     Problem Reporting

      In reporting an outage, the Customer should phone or email to DYXnet and be prepared to provide the following information:

      - Customer ID#

      - Customer Company name and contact name

      - Customer contact callback number

      - Description of outage

      - Time that outage was first perceived

      - Any isolation procedures already performed and the results


      After reporting, ticket number will be assigned right after customer makes the fault description.


      SLA V1.21





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